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SBOY By Draco For Him is CurlyFragrance Approved and gets 10/10!

Watch the first impressions by CurlyFragrance and a full video review of Soulja Boy fragrances For Him and For Her.

SBOY By Draco is the best luxury eau de parfum?

Enjoy the video and get $35 OFF with promo code: CURLY



A little overpriced for an unknown brand cologne, soulja boy.
Isnt it just another Alibaba product with your name on it?? Just like your “videogame console,“ you always take cheap chinese shit and overprice it with your name on it. And your name isnt even synonymous with luxury at all. Wtf.

Joey October 24, 2022

I’m looking for my order

Felix September 12, 2022

Hi there, would you be able Is it availabl to ship to Canada

Salman September 07, 2022

I love it!!!

Felix September 04, 2022

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