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Article: 15 Panty Dropper Fragrances

15 Panty Dropper Fragrances

Curly Scents is hot and she knows exactly what women want.

So no wonder her Alfa-male followers were begging her to make a list of the best colognes that make women go "waterfall" crazy for a guy. 

Andrea didn't want to share her list because... well she's a girl too. And she knows the perfumes that would give you almost an unfair advantage for your dating game.

But the pressure was on. So she finally gave in... 

Behold! 15 Panty Dropper Fragrances list from Curly Scents is finally here!

Hit play 🔥 to see how SBOY For Him ranks or scroll left to watch an entire lineup.

Enjoy the video and don't forget to use promo code CURLYSCENTS and get EXTRA $35 OFF your favorite panty dropper!


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