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Our Story

In early 2022, amidst global chaos, we've committed to creating an ultimate fragrance that would make think love, not war.

We dedicated all our resources, meticulously focused on every detail, and fearlessly tackled numerous challenges. Our goal? To ensure that wearing SBOY perfumes leaves you feeling extraordinary. Beyond merely scent, we aimed to transform the mundane act of spraying into an unforgettable experience. Hence, we made the deliberate choice to meticulously handcraft SBOY boxes, including wrapping the perfume stand in velour. This way, you can proudly display it and leave a lasting impression on your friends.

As a small company, we faced the challenge of competing against perfume industry giants like MFK and Creed, who have unlimited resources and have dominated the market for over 260 years.

Against all odds, we succeeded. And we would never be able to do it without our customers, without you.

So we would like to unveil some of our secrets and share with you a behind the scene story of SBOY By Draco.

Elena Necheporuk (aka @elenmiren) is a Ukrainian-born "visionary perfumer" behind SBOY For Him and SBOY For Her perfumes who helped us to create an ultimate fragrance for men that would appeal to all women. 

The fragrance oils are made on Argeville in Grasse, France.

The DNA, also known as the "final mix," was meticulously perfected by the Master "Noses" of Argeville. These top-notch French perfumers are the masterminds behind creating the most exquisite fragrance oils for the top perfume brands in the world.

However, we’ve insisted on getting us the best perfume oils, so they are much better than any oils used

Alexey Zalevskiy, a legendary fashion couturier from Ukraine, has designed the bottle and the box in collaboration with our American team.

The bottles are crafted in Italy with the finest glass on the market. And every box is handmade in Turkey, including the velour lining inside of the box lid.

So it took 5 countries to collaborate just to create these artisan fragrances. But our team from Ukraine had to go through much greater challenges.

You’ve probably seen the residential building in Kyiv in the news, that was hit by a Russian missile on February 26, 2022, just 2 days after Russia invaded Ukraine and started the war that shook an entire world. So the very apartment that was hit by that missile is a home of our perfumer @elenmiren.

Alexey Zalevskiy, the Ukrainian couturier who designed the box and the bottle, actually had to finish the job on his laptop in a bomb shelter, listening to Russian bombs exploding every few minutes and a non-stop machine gun fire.

Other people from our Ukrainian team of true heroes, had to drive around and take care of the logistics in the middle of the active war zone. Regardless of all the challenges, we all were 100% committed and pushed it to the finish line, which appeared to be only the beginning of our journey.

Once the fragrances was finally made, here in the USA they have told us that we have to succumb our product and wholesale it to bigger corporations or they won’t let us on the market.

But we’ve got the support of all the people from all over the world who decided to take a leap with us and made a blind purchase.

We would like to thank all our customers once again for your support. You helped SBOY by Draco to become a global brand and you truly built it with us.

We are 100% committed to work even harder, and bring more incredible products in the future, hoping to make your every day life a little bit better.

Jeremy Fragrance meets the Perfumer behind SBOY By Draco and talks SBOY For Him. Esxence. Milan, Italy.

Meet the Perfumer

Jeremy Fragrance meets the Perfumer of SBOY By Draco fragrances at Esxence show in Milan, Italy.


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